Fiscal Intermediary Services

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Fiscal intermediary Services With A&T Healthcare

  1. A&T’s fiscal intermediary services include the following with respect to the consumer directed personal assistance program:
    1. Processing each consumer directed personal assistant’s wages and benefits including establishing the amount of each assistant’s wages; processing all income tax and other required wage withholdings; and complying with worker’s compensation, disability and unemployment insurance requirements;
    2. Ensuring that the health status of each consumer directed personal assistant is assessed prior to service delivery pursuant to applicable regulation(s);
    3. Maintaining personnel records for each consumer directed personal assistant, including time sheets and other documentation needed for wages and benefits processing and a copy of the medical documentation required pursuant to applicable regulation(s);
    4. Maintaining records for each consumer including copies of the social services district’s authorization or reauthorization;
    5. Monitoring the consumer’s or, if applicable, the consumer’s designated representative’s continuing ability to fulfill the consumer’s responsibilities under the program and promptly notifying the social services district of any circumstance that may affect the consumer’s or, if applicable, the consumer’s designated representative’s ability to fulfill such responsibilities;
    6. Complying with the department’s regulations that specify the responsibilities of providers enrolled in the medical assistance program;
    7. Entering into a contract with the social services district for the provision of fiscal intermediary services; and
    8. Entering into a department approved memorandum of understanding with the consumer that describes the parties’ responsibilities under the consumer directed personal assistance program.
  2. A&T as Fiscal Intermediary is not responsible for fulfilling responsibilities of the consumer or, if applicable, the consumer’s designated representative.


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