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Residents of Rockland, NY know the importance of family. They know family is there for them through thick and thin and to see them prosper and grow. We all want our families to be happy and healthy. In order to make sure that is possible, sometimes we need extra assistance. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be the epitome of health and wellness, so sometimes people require assistance to ensure they can live a healthier life. Unfortunately, as people get older, their health typically declines. They need help doing day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping, walking the dog, going to the doctor, and doing laundry.

The home health care aides at A&T Health Care are here to help. Our home health aides can assist with actual health care services including geriatric & nursing services as well as daily tasks like household chores, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up & reminders, and more. Rely on a personable and experienced home health agency that has assisted residents of Rockland, NY since 1984 with a smile and caring heart. Rely on A&T Health Care.

Are You Looking for a Personal Care Aide Job in Rockland?

A personal care aide is a vital team member in any recovery or rehabilitation patient. If a patient is recuperating at home, they might need some assistance to keep things running smoothly around the house. Our personal care aides handle light cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other basic household tasks to help avoid a backlog. A clean and well-kept home creates a happier and more stress-free environment for the client, which can actually help speed up recovery! In addition to housework, personal care aides assist with bathing, hygiene, grooming, and enrichment activities to make sure that our clients are clean, healthy, and engaged every day. Research indicates that even the smallest acts of self-care can boost the mood and contribute to a more complete recovery. Clients can take advantage of these services as long as they require them.

If you are interested in a career as a personal care aide in the Rockland, NY area, consider working with the compassionate and dedicated team at A&T Health Care! Our available personal care aide jobs are open to qualified individuals with the experience and drive that match our needs. Contact us today to learn more about our available openings or to fill out an application!

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A&T Health Care is the premier home health care company serving residents of Rockland, NY. Our home health care aides have provided professional, reliable home care services for over 30 years. We offer senior home care & health care to ensure you or your loved ones home and health are taken care of. So, if you are looking for licensed home health aides to help take care of you or a loved one, contact us today.

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