Geriatric Services

Senior Home Care in New York City, Westchester, & Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for senior home care services in New York City or Westchester, NY? A&T Healthcare is a licensed home health agency servicing your community since 1984. A&T Healthcare was established and is operated by registered nurses who supervise care in your home.

Perhaps you need a few hours of help a day to assist with bathing or dressing, light housekeeping, or companionship. Or, you may need a full day of service while your loved ones are out of the home, to ensure your safety. If you are an adult caring for an elderly parent, especially if you live a distance from them, you need to know you can rely on experienced, quality care. Our home health aides deliver that every day for patients throughout Kingston, Mt. Kisco, New City, New York City, Newburgh, Orange, Rockland, Spring Valley, Ulster, and Westchester NY as well as the surrounding areas.

Who will you call if you want to remain in your own home, but you cannot be there alone? You can call the senior home care experts at A&T Healthcare and know that our home health agency will help you decide what type of care services you need and for how long.

With the senior home care provided by A&T Healthcare, a registered nurse will come to your home and conduct a physical and safety assessment and offer recommendations to improve your home’s safety. Our nurses are experienced with the needs of the geriatric population. If you require or desire the added benefits of a home health aide, our nurses can meet with you and your loved ones to discuss your options and orient the aide to provide the best care according to your specific care plan.

After home care services begin, a registered nurse will make periodic visits to reassess your needs, discuss how the care plan is meeting your needs, and supervise the home health aide. Our nurses are available 24 hours/7 days a week in Kingston, Mt. Kisco, New City, New York City, Newburgh, Orange, Rockland, Spring Valley, Ulster, Westchester, and beyond. Don’t hesitate to call our home health agency if you have any questions about our senior home care services.

Benefits of Senior Home Care

There are many ways that senior home care services can benefit your loved one. If you are trying to decide whether this is the right course of action for your family, consider the following points:

  • Independence: It’s important for most seniors to retain their independence for as long as possible. Senior home care services make this possible.
  • Connection: Most facilities have restricted visiting hours, but remaining in the home allows seniors to have the support and care of their loved ones whenever they like.
  • Comfort: Research indicates that seniors stay healthier and have a better quality of life when they can remain in their own homes. Depending on any illnesses or medical conditions, recovering at home with the aid of a home health agency is almost always the better option.
  • Support: Being at home allows your family and friends to easily visit and offer assistance with any necessary treatment or tasks.
  • Cost: Inpatient skilled nursing care can get incredibly expensive; even assisted living facilities can get costly. Senior home care services are much more affordable and allow your loved one to continue through his or her daily routines.

Overall, the value of professional senior home care cannot be overstated. Since most elderly people do not wish to leave the home they know and love for an unfamiliar and often cold environment, employing a home health agency offers a means of appeasing their wishes while still ensuring they have the proper care they need. A&T Health Care is one of the premier home health agencies for quality senior home care services in all of the Kingston, Mt. Kisco, New City, New York City, Newburgh, Orange, Rockland, Spring Valley, Ulster, and Westchester NY areas.

Compassionate Professionals Who You Can Trust For Senior Home Care

For those requiring live-in home care, families can rest assured that our home health aides are certified to provide the highest quality of care for your senior. With A&T Healthcare, our geriatric services allow those seniors who need a little extra help with their day-to-day lives to remain in their own homes, rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Our senior home care provides an alternative for you or your family member, at a cost significantly less than a nursing home.

For added peace of mind, each member of our home health agency’s paraprofessional staff must undergo a background and fingerprint check, prior to home placement. Many receive their training at A&T Healthcare in our New York State-approved Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide training classes. A&T Healthcare is accredited by the Joint Commission, a voluntary accreditation that examines the quality of care an organization delivers.

When you need quality senior home care, choose a home health agency that can handle all aspects of your home care. Call the nearest A&T Healthcare office, and let us help you.

Contact us today for more information on our home care services! We are proud to serve those who live in Mt. Kisco, New City, Newburgh, Kingston, Rockland, Orange, Westchester, Ulster, and New York City, NY.

A Message from New York State’s Office of the Aging for Qualified Recipients of the EISEP/Respite Program

“Services are funded in part by the Administration on Aging, New York State Office for the Aging and the Rockland County Office for the Aging. Contributions are voluntary and confidential and are used to expand the services for which they are received. No one will be denied services because of an inability or unwillingness to contribute. Suggested contributions level should equal the cost of the service for participants who self-disclose income at or above 185% of Federal Poverty Level.”


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Geriatric Services

A & T Healthcare offers services for patients of all ages—from newborns to the elderly. Our pediatric & senior home care services are welcome alternatives to long hospital confinements or nursing homes. When an individual receives health care from A & T in the home setting, they gain a sense of privacy, independence, and control over their lives, while also being met with a high standard of treatment.

Being at home surrounded by familiar people and objects is often the most conducive place to recover. Home health care helps to relieve some of the concerns that can overwhelm a patient and family when they opt to receive treatment outside of the home.