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“Dear A&T, For 2 weeks we were very fortunate to have our with us in our home. She is wonderful. In addition to being helpful, working within the rhythym of our home, and keeping us calm during our medical emergency. She always gave 100% attention to her patient and all of his needs. Thank you. E.M.” 

“Dear A&T Healthcare, I am writing to advise you that you have what must be some of the best professional employees in the healthcare business.

My mother was under the care of A&T for the past three years and, little by little, she needed more help at home. Your office staff were so dedicated in obtaining the help which our family needed in order to care for my mother at home. They worked with me every step of the way and it was such a comfort to me at a very stressful time.

They were amazing in following up on all possible avenues of assistance. I still do not know how they juggle the aides’ schedule with such efficiency and I always felt better when the nursing supervisor was around. I knew my mother was safe and secure under her supervision.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the quality and dedication of your aides. They all treated my mother with kindness, dignity and respect. My regular aides were angels as well as others who sometimes filled in were so adept in their care and also kind and compassionate with her. They are all a credit to your agency.

Thank you for maintaining such a high quality organization to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Sincerely, S.C.” 

“I have a wonderful Registered Nurse and a wonderful Home Health Aide from your organization. Your organization is very fortunate to have the caliber of two employees such as these. They are very compassionate and caring. The angels were watching over me when A&T sent my nurse and aide to me. Thank you!” 

“Dear A&T Healthcare, We want to thank all the lovely people who helped take care of my husband T.N. during the past many years. We appreciate you so much and all you did. Thank you for the delicious platter you sent over afterwards from the Chocolatier. That certainly heightened our spirits during our period of mourning. We wish you all good health & much happiness and all the best for the future. Sincerely, B.N.

“Dear A&T Staff, Thank you for all your hard work in the 4 years of J’s life. I never got to meet everyone, but I know how you all work together as a team. Thank you for the flower arrangement & prayers. Keep taking good care of your family. Love W.C.

This letter concerns the nurse who was assigned as my visiting nurse during a relatively long period of convalescence that I endured after suffering a major wound infection. After a 13 day hospitalization, I was discharged to my home with an open abdominal wound and treatment therapy of a wound vac. A&T Healthcare was recruited to help me manage at home and manage the wound. Promptly, the day after my arrival at home, your nursing team showed up and evaluated me thoroughly. They were pleasant, prompt, and reliable. They reviewed and saw all the equipment that I had come home with from the hospital including the wound vac device and made sure that I had additional equipment they thought I would need. They were right on the mark.

Over the next month or so, your nurse came religiously and conscientiously to my home at least three days a week and on occasion when there were issues, come in on days where she was slated to come in and help me. Her conscientiousness in dealing with my wound strongly and thoroughly was responsible for the ultimate excellent outcome. The care that she had administered and how the wound responded was noted on by my physicians, when they saw me on a weekly basis and they were incredibly complimentary on the wound care management that allowed the healing to go forward. When the wound vac was no longer necessary, she treated my wet to dry dressings on a daily basis and showed the professionalism and extreme confidence and concern that she had before. I am firmly convinced that without her conscientious care my outcome would have been different. I feel bound to to let you know how excellent a representative she is to your company and her characteristics are the highest ideals of health care delivery.”

The level of communication, transparency, organization and ethical treatment we have received from A&T has been above and beyond the service we have received from another agency. The respect they have shown for my father and his needs, as well as our entire family far exceeds anything we ever received. The quality of the aides that come into our home to care for my father’s needs is superior, as is the quality of the management.” J.S.

Dear A&T Healthcare Staff, Just a note from an old friend who enjoyed her nursing career and working for A&T, a wonderful healthcare agency. I’d like to wish each nurse a Happy Nurses Day as I will always remember when my sister and I received the Rockland County Nurse Recognition Day awards in 2007. Someday I will share my albums and poems I wrote for patients. Now that I am retired I still volunteer each week playing piano at nearby nursing facilities. Once again, I enjoyed my years at A&T Healthcare and wish you all a Happy Nurses Day.” All My Best, Carol B.

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to thank and praise your organization for the exceptional service I received from you. My Husband was admitted to the hospital after what was supposed to be ambulatory surgery. We did not know until close to 5pm that he was to be an in-patient. At that late hour I called your agency to arrange for a private duty nurse to be with him from 7pm through 7am I spoke with your intake RN, who was very efficient, caring and professional. She arranged for this to happen in that short window of time. She did everything to make it go smoothly for me explaining everything from cost to implementation. She even called me back, took cell phone numbers of my adult children and assured me that if I needed the agency after hours that I could reach a service that would take care of me 24/7. The RN Supervisor who did the intake at the hospital was also efficient, caring and professional. Since I was not physically present but my daughters were, she spoke to me on the phone and then there. The nurse arrived on time and attended to my husband, who had a rough night, very well. She even gave my daughters her cell phone number so that they could check back in with her throughout the night. Kudos to you all. You made a difficult situation easier. I was very impressed with how smoothly you made everything go. My thanks, once again.” Sincerely, G.H.

A & T Healthcare offers services for patients of all ages—from newborns to the elderly. Our pediatric & senior home care services are welcome alternatives to long hospital confinements or nursing homes. When an individual receives health care from A & T in the home setting, they gain a sense of privacy, independence, and control over their lives, while also being met with a high standard of treatment.

Being at home surrounded by familiar people and objects is often the most conducive place to recover. Home health care helps to relieve some of the concerns that can overwhelm a patient and family when they opt to receive treatment outside of the home.

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