Keeping the Elderly Active While at Home

Tips from Our Senior Home Care Experts

As people age, it’s natural to spend more time at home alone. Unfortunately, this is not the best thing for the physical and mental health of most senior citizens. It can be easy for them to grow lackadaisical and start to let their mind and body deteriorate. For seniors who wish to maintain their independence for as long as possible, too much time spent at home can be counterproductive. Keeping busy is important for exercising strength and mobility as well as honing a sharp mind.

Read on to learn more about some of our senior home caregivers’ favorite ways to keep the elderly active and engaged, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • Cooking: Getting in the kitchen to create a meal or baked good can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are many tasks involved in preparing a dish and the senior can help with any of these that their capabilities allow. Following the step-by-step guidelines of a recipe requires focus, while measuring ingredients uses different cognitive functions and timing everything correctly demands a good memory. Food is excellent for triggering emotional memories as well, which can then be shared with caregivers or loved ones to promote social stimulation.
  • Fitness: You are never too old to exercise. On top of helping to maintain their health and musculature, regular exercise offers all the same standard benefits to the elderly as it does to younger people, such as improving mood and encouraging better sleep. If a senior is able to access YouTube, they will have their pick of a vast selection of physical fitness routines which can be viewed and followed right in the comfort of their own home. A caregiver can help them find the right type of videos for their skill level and activity preferences.
  • Phone/Video Chats: Socializing is good for the mind like exercising is for the body.  Currently, it can be difficult to arrange in-person visits due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, but phone calls and Zoom/FaceTime meetings are always an option. If someone feels awkward talking over the phone, explore ways to make the calls more fun and exciting. Seniors should not feel like they have to miss out on sharing their lives with the people most important to them.